Fearless isn't a campaign, it's a declaration to live a fearless faith in every area of our lives. Watch a few stories about how God has already changed lives for the better because someone else had fearless faith and invested their time and resources at Hope.


here I am, send me

Lauren Jumaos was introduced to Jesus through members at Hope. See how her fearless faith has exploded into a global effort to bring the Gospel to others worldwide.


stop asking me for my money

Chuck wasn't excited about Fearless at first. "Why do churches always seem to be asking for money?" he recaps in the video. See how God not only changed Chuck's heart about giving fearlessly, but how He also provided for Chuck's family in amazing ways! Chuck is living a fearless faith and a fearless life!


immeasurable debt

Just seven years ago, Mike and Loreena Yeo were drowning in debt. After immigrating from Malaysia, they had a picture of the American dream that looked so easy. When we fearlessly trust God with our finances, incredible miracles can happen. Watch their story to see how God intervened!