Fearlessly Expanding


Construction at the Frisco East campus is nearing completion! As we move through the process you can expect changes in how you navigate the campus. Please be patient with us from week to week, as we work out the kinks of getting you in and out as safely and efficiently as possible. This renovation process is going to bring many changes, but we know any inconvenience we face will be worth it all! Thank you for your understanding as we strive to make every experience at Hope a great one!


March 9, 2018

We're almost in the building! Our first services are planned for March 24/25 and the finishing touches are being touched on the building. Your fearless generosity has been inspiring as this "home base" for ministry has been constructed. Thank you so much for how you have declared your fearless faith!


january 5, 2018

Fearless Faith in Action. Amazing progress is being made at the Frisco East campus! Your fearless giving and fearless faith are providing a "home base" to reach so many people in the Frisco Area. Thank you so much!

Scroll through the pictures to the left to see the progress!


September 8, 2017

The steel beams are going up and this weekend you will be able to see the beginnings of our new building at Frisco East take shape! Campus Pastor Robert Jordan gives us an update on the exciting things happening because of your Fearless giving!


July 22


This map depicts parking lot changes beginning July 22/23.

  • Our new parking lot on Kings Ridge is now open!
  • Parking is no longer available at Beary Best or along Kings Ridge.
  • Parking is no longer available in the spaces adjacent to the sidewalks on the north and west sides of the building.
  • All current building entrances are open.
  • Please continue to follow the directions of the parking team members and be alert for any new signage on a weekly basis.